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John Carroll

John Carroll is another pioneer who 'accidentally' ended up with two degrees (because he took so many courses to satisfy his diverse interests) and whose career was majorly influenced by having a year to kill. That one years...spent at Watson Research Center...turned into 18. How many other people, who describe themselves as having the 'soul of a psychologist,' can tell you stories about the very first times the 'user' became an interesting topic of conversation at IBM? How many have participated in the development of the HCI field from inside a major corporation and academia and the birth of a professional association? How many have worked with Noam Chomsky only to decide they didn't want to be a linguist? Well, at least one. And today, he's interested in all of the interesting challenges of teaching, which is awfully lucky for the students at Penn State. Confused about what you want to do with your life? Don't worry...according to John, it will all look simple once you get there.

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